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No Need 

to Move Out

No Removal

of Plants or Flowers 

No Disconnecting

of Satellites or Antennas 


Experienced Pest Control Company in Miami Specializing in Termites

Tentless Termite Pro is the top provider of no-tent termite control in Miami. We offer a convenient termite solution! Most other companies will tell you that your home has to be tented no matter what. We offer a convenient and easy way to eliminate termites without the need of tenting and fumigating. No need to move out or relocate during the termite treatment. Regular termite tenting requires the homeowner to move out for a period of at least two days. Our tentless termite treatment is very effective without the frustration involved in relocating your family, food and pets.

Services We Offer

If you’re unsure of what treatment option is best for your termite problem, consider the many benefits of tentless pest control, including:
  • No need to trim shrubs and trees.
  • You don’t have to relocate.
  • Plants and flowers can stay.
  • Uncanned foods, cosmetics and medications are safe in home.
  • Landscaping and roof are not at risk of damage.
  • Satellites and antennas don’t have to be disconnected.
Termites don’t have to take over your home, and you don’t have to give up your comfort to be rid of them. Choose a pest control company that can eliminate termites without interrupting your life.

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If you’ve been battling termites, you know how frustrating it is. The only thing more frustrating might be the solutions pest control companies suggest. You don’t want to give up several days of your life just because of pests. That’s why Tentless Termite Pro offers a solution that lets you skip the invasion and inconvenience of tented fumigation. Our team of termite specialists serves clients in Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Homestead, Kendall, Doral and Aventura. Call 305-902-6529 for an estimate.